New Years Vacation

I hope that in this year to come you make mistakes...
— Neil Gaiman

I always enjoy the opportunity to visit the sweet little town of Hot Springs, Arkansas. It almost feels like a second home here. We have spent the entire week, yet I am still not ready to venture back to the home land of Texarkana. While we were discovering new places here, I was turning 25. And I must say, it has been such an odd feeling. It is the age where we begin to say, "Ok - It is time to kick it into gear and get your life together.." But why are we so hard on ourselves? I of all people can admit to being over whelmed by the small things. I tend to let me emotions get this best of me, but not in 2017!

My fiancĂ© has done everything to always make sure I was happy, even through the middle of my fits. I am very undeserving of his love. He will forever hold my heart. Once we are finished here in this fine town, we will have to return to the reality of work and hustle. It is all worth the hard work in the end. We just have to preserver to the end and never stop chasing that dream. 

Until our next adventure...