Levi's Little Big Family

     From the moment the Meadows family pulled up to our decided meeting spot, and I laid eyes on sweet Levi, I knew we had a bashful, beautiful little boy full of energy on our hands! When Alexis came to me several months ago and mentioned wanting Levi's birthday photos done, I just couldn't turn down the opportunity. It got even better when it turned into an entire family session!

     It's always such a fun time interacting with clients and getting to know them. Alexis has been a significant person in my life for many years, so getting to know her husband, Jacob, and her extended family was that much sweeter. "Sugar" (Levi's grandmother), tagged along as we corner hopped downtown Texarkana. She was so sweet and generous, keeping Levi happy with fruit gummies, and keeping me from falling off the curb! 

     As the session progresses, Levi's timidness is lifted and he breaks out of his shell! That's when the real magic happens. I enjoy producing a moment of paused time, a real emotion in color and movement. The more posed my clients tends to feel, the less natural emotion they will demonstrate, and the image quickly can become like any other. Needless to say, this family nailed the whole candid thing!

     Thank you to Alexis and her family for allowing me to capture your love for each other as well as thank you for your endless friendship.