Gibson + Lawson

Each season brings a new change, a new sense of refreshment. It's something I have always loved about the spring. The harshness of winter leaving everything lifeless, then comes the warm spring sun energizing our souls. The weather the day of Gibson and Lawson's session was absolutely perfect! We had to reschedule our original date due to the tremendous amount of rain we have endured. These two really know how to go with the flow, and the day we were finally able to capture their sweet love, magic was made.  Gibson and Lawson are to be wed in the fall, during the month of October. They both share humorous, easy going personalities that made them also very easy to photograph! Neither of them flinched at a cue or idea I had, and live to shoot these raw moments that in-love couples share. 

These are just a few of my favorites from their session. It was very hard not share all of them! *dog lovers - surprise ending*